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Welcome To Project-Exile ( Rules )

These rules are enforced, if you break rules you will get punished.

1. Scamming (Ingame & Forums)

If you are scammed, it is your fault, and without valid proof(video or pictures clearly showing you've been scammed), there is nothing that can be done, which means the scammer will walk away unpunished and richer.

2. ::Yell (Ingame)

Do not argue over yell, you will be given one warning, if the arguing continues, you will be muted for 24 hours, or longer, depending on the severity of yell abuse. If you continue arguing over yell after serving your punishment, you will be IP muted.

No luring over yell or attempting to scam.

3. Flaming (Ingame & Forums)

The use of racist, slanderous, defamatory, homophobic, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments towards other users are not tolerated.

4. Spamming (Forums)

All unnecessary and irrelevant posts(on a topic) and topics is considered spamming, plain and simple.

4.1 Creating replies with a single word or emoticon is not tolerated.

4.2 Gravedigging: Posting on a thread that hasn't been posted on in a month or longer.

4.3 Bumping: Considered spamming in every section.

4.4 Inappropriate Content: Posting any sort of pictures or videos of violent, pornographic, nudity or offensive content is not allowed.

4.5 Posting in the wrong section. We have titles for each board here, post in the relevant sections please.

5. Disrespecting Members of Staff (Ingame & Forums)

Do not disrespect staff members. If you have a problem with a decision a staff member has made you can report it in the 'Report A Member Of Staff' section with proof.

6. Staff Impersonation (Ingame & Forums)

Claiming to be a member of staff when you're really not is completely against the rules. Making names to make it seem like you're a staff member, is also against the rules. This rule has no warning, and is a permanent ban.

7. Bug Abuse (Ingame)

Abusing any sort of bug is against the rules. Found a bug? Report it in the 'Report A Bug' section. Abusing a bug will result in a permanent ban.

8. Personal Information (Ingame & Forums)

Posting anyone’s personal information without their permission is completely against the rules. Personal information is personal. This includes addresses, phone numbers, pictures, videos, etc.

9. Macroing (Ingame & Forums)

Macroing is the use of third party software that gives you an advantage. You are allowed to use auto-typers but they must be set on 8-11 second intervals.

No using auto buyers, cheat engines, or clients.

10. Trolls (Ingame & Forums)

"A "troll" is someone who intentionally and persistently posts inflammatory messages about sensitive topics to bait users into responding or provoke a confrontation.

The staff’s time is too valuable to be spent on trolls. If you’ve come here to troll and waste our time, then you will be disposed of. The staff has more important things to deal with and cannot be bothered to waste their time with you..

11. Threatening Others (Ingame & Forums)

Anything from making real life threats to Denial Of Service attacks are against the rules. We here at Project-Exile do not like bullies, and DOS attacks are against the law.

12. The Wilderness (Ingame)

The only rule in the wilderness other than the ones stated above and below is that you are not allowed to Exile Point farm. If you are lured, it is your OWN fault.

13. Ranting/Flaming (Forums)

All negative threads consisting of but not restricted to ranting/complaining are bound to the Feedback section.  All ranting related threads must be posted in the appropriate feedback forum. If they are posted elsewhere, it may be considered spam/offensive behaviour, and you may be infracted.

14. Encouraging others to break rules (Ingame & Forums)

If you're encouraging other members to break the rules you will be banned.

(E.G, Finding a dupe, and asking other players to help you with it.)

15. Multiple Logging In (Ingame)

You can only log in to two accounts at one time, but if we find you are abusing this privilege to dupe items or abuse any other bug you will be automatically IP banned.

16. Exile Point farming is forbidden. If caught doing this, you will be punished (Ingame)

17. No trading Project-Exile items for IRL money.

18. No advertising websites, other private servers, keyloggers/rat, or any other kind of virus.

19. Any form of duplicating items will lead to an immediate IP-Ban.